Your Fluffy Art with Piet
Piet is a personal project that aims to create a world where anyone can easily and quickly develop their dog art through machine learning technology - made from real life, intended to seamlessly integrate with technology and relieve people's spending their time on photo editing start spreading their love.


12 Weeks


Adobe XD
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Figma + Useberry
Google Form

My Role

(All Creation)
Product Designer


Visual Design + Branding
Market/User Research
Data Source
Technical Diagram
Business Model
MVP sketch Design Process
Low/High-Fi Prototyping UX/UI + Interaction Design
Design Thinking Process
Use Stanford d. school Design Thinking Process to create Piet!
Since March 2020, we have been working at home for 21 months. More and more people have pets, and I am one of them. I have never raised a dog, deeply understand that dogs are human's best friends after I have a dog....❤️ It is also challenging to go to the art gallery to see paintings during Pandemic. After studying some historical changes in the relationship between dogs and humans.
I Create Piet from Arts
I Design Piet with Dogs
Defining the Problem
As a dog person 🐶 who would like to spread dogs images into art styles with their friends, I remember how much time I spent on photoshop and drawing it into a particular type. When an opportunity became available to combine AI technology into the design and bring a more accessible experience for this new art, it felt joyful to find a better solution to this overelaborate situation.
The Goals
To create a dog-in-art-style platform. Piet will solve dogs users who love art or want to share their dog's photo in a specific art style. To erase the problem of spending time editing photos and using AI technology extraction by giving them a cloud-based platform to store their photo, users can quickly pick their dogs' photos into an art style and sharing with their friends. Piet will know if users keep uploading their pictures and sharing them with others. 

The short-term goal is to drive the traffic(data-driven) on the app and let the users upload their photos to Piet. Meanwhile, getting more tractions and boosting Piet's branding.
The long-term goal is to make the users purchase their dog art into accessories(like pillows, key chains, cakes, etc.) as a gift through Piet. On the other side, other businesses can partner with our paid ads through Piet, using paid ads to increase Piet's revenue.
The Solution - Your Fluffy Arts
It's time to get Piet, a world where you can stay warm, a place you get lost with happiness.
Research, Strategy and UX
There are only some dog portrait apps, but the portrait styles are limited. Most pet apps are for customizing dogs accessories, and there is NO same app in the U.S market (~ Dec 2021.) According to the target audience research, 35% of millennials users own at least one dog in the U.S, which is a 63.4 million population. Those owners post their pet photos more than 6 times per week on social media. The research also shows that dogs benefit kids, and when a family has a kid, they have a higher chance to own a dog. Owners or people who don't own a pet usually customize merchants for the dog, such as cakes, frames, paintings, bags, pins, pillows, etc. So Piet can create a memory for their pet owner and develops some merchants in the future.

Collecting 20 quantitative surveys from dog owners shows users are willing to spend money on dogs, take photos, and try a new app. Three user interviews with dog owners, and interviewees indicated that dog owners are excited about their dog's appearance after dogs take a shower. If there is a dog with an art app, they are willing to see and play around with the art style.
Based on the Qualitative and Quantitative Research, I create two persona to understand the users
A User Journey to find the design opportunities for Piet.
How Might we
…create a platform with a simple, easy-to-understand UI and offer different types of art selections that help dogs' owners give an option to design an art also able to share their memory with their dogs?

How Might we
…create a platform with a simple, easy-to-understand UI and offer different types of art selections that help dogs' owners give an option to design an art also able to share their memory with their dogs?
Design, Prototype
Create a long-lasting vision for the mesmerizing feeling of style, using Meno Banner for the headline and Sofia Pro for title and paragraph.
Design Principle for Piet: User Control, Simple, Navigable, Consistency, Data-Driven
I start to create the MVP sketch design and also see some useful features does meet users want.
Received feedback from user surveys and 1 on 1 interviews and users are looking for some features:
• Interaction with the dogs.
• Comments from friends.
• Arts in 3D/2D styles.
• Images and title are allowed to edit.
• Sound effects from the background into video styles.
Drawing paper sketches to low fidelity wireframes and converts to digital wireframes. I am using digital wireframes to ask for feedback from dogs owners.
Rond 1:
Users want to see large images, just like they are at the museum.
Remove the icons, and use other simple graphics instead of icons.
Iterations from the feedback and move to the final design!
Spreading your love with Piet
For users: Learn arts when opens the app, Sharing photo with friends, Checking other's dog art.
Primary user flows to show what users want from Piet!
3 Simple Flows, let's get lost with me.
Select an art style and upload it
Select an art style and machine learning will restyle your dog photos into specific art
Quickly edit the content
A simple and delightful user experience for all users when adding the album name, title, and creating the stories by double taps.
Easily share interaction memories on social media
Users are quickly spreading their interaction memories to any other third-party social media.
Challenges & Outcomes
When I came out with this idea, I did it for a fun and exciting project, and I am passionate about it. However, when I collected the survey from the quantitative, some users said they probably used it one time or a few times, and users will not open it again. I start to think about combining design business strategy and users' retention rates for an app. However, showing the final design, the customer satisfaction score is 75.
This project was a great opportunity to learn new skills, primarily business model, data source combines designs, secondary is narrow down the scope from concept to finish. As I worked on user research and tested the design early on in the process. This allowed me to act quickly to improve my designs, showing me how important it is to assess your product with the end-user as early as possible!