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NEUROME /nyuor·row - mee/ is a conceptual, combined dashboard-style software and a device-based EEG that detects users' emotions, behavior, and stress levels, intended to seamlessly integrate with technology and re-explore tasks as a trigger for reducing people's stress level and discovering their happiness.


8 weeks
Adobe XD, After Effect, Cinema 4D

UX/UI Design
Visual Design + Branding
3D Modeling
3D Printed Mockup


UX Design Award


UX Design

New York Product Design Award


Product Design

Indigo Design Award


UX, Interface & Navigation

Indigo Design Award


App Design

Indigo Design Award


Innovative Use of Mobile Technology


I am reading the book The Brain That Changes Itself, which brings out this idea.
Before I read this book, I read Hooked and Atomic Habits. These two books give me some thinking about my habit, and I train myself in some good practices, such as waking up at 5 am, quitting more than two coffee per day, running 30 mins to boost cardio, but it seems not fit for me. I know that practice makes perfect, but are all practice makes perfect? It is not. So, we should find the best practice that fits for us.


In 2021, More than 80% reported emotions associated with Prolonged Stress, says the post-inauguration Stress in America survey, and the other most common were feelings of Anxiety (47%), Sadness (44%), and Anger (39%).
Causes of Stress are from Work 74% , Money 73% , Relationship 66%.

Problem Statement

As someone whose close friend is battling with stress and mental issues when she faces work, I remember how hard she was faced with the different situations at work, and she needs to talk to the psychologist at least one time or even more per week. When an opportunity became available to design a more accessible experience for this training, it felt natural to find a better solution to the long-lasting problem.


Happy Users!

Reduce & Release the stress!

Reduce mental health issues and boost your dopamine level. NEUROME helps you have a happier life with your family, friends and works!


Design for YOU

How NEUROME solution finds a better you!
"Let the right practice makes perfect"
Here is an example to show how the software and the device work together.
Let's take a task "Meeting with the Team" as an example.
(The user already connected to the bluetooth)


IoT Device + Mobile App

For New users:
1. Go on the NEUROME website and purchase the device.
2. Create an account and log in to website or download the app
3. Turn on the Bluetooth
4. Stick the device on the Temple
5. Enter or speak your task
It starts to measure and analyze your emotions while doing your task.

For Device-Purchased user:
1. Create an account and log in to website or download the app
2. Turn on the Bluetooth
3. Stick the device on the temple
4. Enter or speak your task
It starts to measure and analyze your emotions while doing your task.

Device Design

Our device is the Smallest size with outstanding technology that delivers real-time emotions' statistics for you. It's only 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/16 inch.
The device is up to 18 hours of attaching time with one charge, and charging it for just 5 minutes generates around 6 hours of using time. You can discover new engraving options for the design: mix color, emoji, text, and numbers.


User Research and Pain Point

Starting from the survey and a one-on-one 60 min interview with people from age 25 to 45 and using 21 user records to narrow down the design possibilities and define what users want.

From the interviews I conducted, I gained three main insights:

Users Want and Need

From these discoveries, the first design ideas for the iteration of the dashboard solution became clearer. The product would focus on Real-time emotionThe task user is doing with a personal image that will on displayed to any individual user. This process would need to be seamless to ensure that both measurement devices and NEUROME software are upheld.

The 21 user documents show 91.6% have issues in finding the right task and 83.3% search for any solution that can decrease their worries. However only 19% of people insist on the new practices, and almost everyone gives up during the third or fourth time.

3 Key Moment to move on

1. Dashboard
A professional UI dashboard style is to quickly gain insights into the most important aspects of their data and it helps users identify their insightful analysis and actions

2. Task lists with time period
A variety of suggested lists with average practice time helps use have a general idea of how much time they have to spend and familiar with it.

3. Showing a real-time emotion mode
Design solutions that can measure user accurate emotion.

How Might We...

create a multi-platform with a free dashboard UI and offer a real-time measurement EEG device that helps users easily know their emotion connect to their behavior and allow users to find a new practice within a period of time suggestion to decrease their stress?


Logo Creation & Iconography

The process of designing NEUROME's logo is simple! The logo is created with the Silhouette of the device and Human brain, and the final logo represents our Brand. Official Logo and symbol mark use Raisin Black and Isabelline white, and symbol mark is in 3D style.

The NEUROME consists of clean and minimal icons designed with small interface applications in mind. However, it required Custom work in some instances, like the navigation icons.

Typeface discovered in 1592

Throughout the whole app, I used the Quasimoda Font. I was excited when I first tried the NEUROME branding and saw the typeface, as I always tend to go for it whenever I start a new project.

Color Palette

To bring out a reliable, high-tech, and fashionable feeling, I pick Eerie Black and Isabelline White color as my primary and white color used in the typeface. The secondary color is the default, and users are able to customize the secondary colors.

Atomic Design

To make the new website scalable, I developed a design system based on the Atomic Design approach by Brad Frost.


I use bar charts, donut charts, and line graphs to display users' data.


With all the insights I gain from the app, I design the app's navigation - for which I also need to take into account all the different user situations. When app connects to the device, it shows a clear Bluetooth at the center of NEUROME's logo, and users can easily click the logo and enter the task.

User Onboarding

A clear user onboarding message teaches users how to use the device and the app.

unlock with neurome

Find the best Practice for you!

Highlight primary user flows, and when you start to add the task, don't forget to connect your device first !

Connect and add the task

User connects to the device and add their current task, and EEG device starts to measure user's emotion.

Practice the right task to enhance your skills

User selects the practice from the task list and it shows the average time for each task, user can easily change other tasks if the result is not improved a lot.

Easily select your different status

User can select and edit their group, such as
Works: Nvidia, Rover, Upwork
Family: Mother, Wife, Daughter
Teacher: June, Kai, Luka, Stephen

The process of creating a conceptual design for a solution starts with defining the problem and identifying the goals and requirements for the solution. This involves gathering and analyzing information, conducting research, and engaging with users to gain a deep understanding of the problem.


It is important to note that a greatest solution is subjective and can vary based on the specific problem and requirements. A good design process should involve research, design possibilities and iteration to arrive at the best solution for the given situation.


As a proud recipient of multiple international design awards (New York Product Design, UX Design Awards, Indigo Awards) across various categories, I am thrilled to have had my work recognized and celebrated on a global stage. These awards not only validate my efforts and dedication to design excellence, but also serve as a reminder of my capabilities and the impact my work has had. It is humbling to know that my designs have resonated with audiences and judges from around the world and have earned me a place among the best in my field.

Interview with Lucille Huang: Product Designer

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This project was an incredible opportunity to learn new skills, Dashboard solution, Design Possibilities, device design and Responsive design for mobile, tablet and laptop, as I worked on user interface and tested the design early on in the process. This allowed me to act quickly to improve my designs, showing me how important it is to assess your product with the end-user as early as possible. 👍🏻

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