DocuPal AI by LearningPal
DocuPal AI is a cloud-based SaaS platform launched by LearningPal.
It offers an ML-based cloud service enterprise solution aiming to provide an automated document processing solution using Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) with an ease-of-use experience to help global Enterprises enhance their work efficiency and redefine fast at work.


Five Months


Google Sheets
Google Forms


Product Designer -
Lead the design team
( Research / Strategy / Testing / Design )


3 Engineers
2 designers
5 Interns
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LearningPal is acquired by Ripcord - April 2022.  
Press Release: 
Businesswire, Yahoo Finance
What is this?
Enterprise grade SaaS document processing automation platform
Who is this for?
B2B solution targeting global enterprises. 
How to do it?
Design an ease-of-use document management platform with ML capability.
The Founding Story of DocuPal AI
Defining the Problem
Traditional companies struggle to handle countless paper documents, and document automation becomes a huge pain point for digital transformation. The whole process is slowly procedure, document storage is costly, and human typing errors increase the total work process inefficiency......

With the popularity of the decreasing document process globally, LearningPal decided to create a platform to introduce their product into the global market and let the enterprise know about their service. With more and more businesses using different function platforms at work, the company decided to create a Web platform to improve the work process and with a lower cost, and we come up a product - DocuPal AI.

Problem Statement:
Digital transformation gets bottlenecked at the document processing stage for most large enterprises.
There is no easy way to unlock data from countless paper and digital documents other than a manual process.
My main problems to solve:
01. How to design an experience that prioritizes our technology that offers an accessibility user flow globally?
02. What features from different industries and global business are they looking for?
My main constraints were:
Time - We had 5 months to build and launch the platform before the Q2.
Consistency -
Not only the normal constraints that a mobile device like an iPad or desktop have but also the decision made by the engineering team.
The Goals
Product - The goal is to provide a platform to solve the exiting traditional document process problems, reduce business work process time, lower their cost, and redefine the work process.
Internal - 1 acquired; 2 merge/partners; 5 annual subscription enterprise.
External - 98% high accuracy (Tech); Simple User Interface; 60+ System Usability Scale.

Combining the product goals and the company's goals, I decided to start exploring and defining them.
The Solution - DocuPal AI platform
DocuPal AI is an AI-based cloud solution to offer B2B clients a simple drag and drop upload. Our technology process documents classification, capture, recognition, and data extraction. Users can re-correct the information and save it to the cloud or export it to different formats, such as excel sheets, pdf, words, and more.
🥳  DocuPal AI platform ( It's officially under Ripcord )
🤜🏻  Thanks the team, we built it.
Research, Strategy, UX
The Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) market is expected to reach 4.1 billion in 2027. We summarize all the clients' pain points from the industries Docupal AI wants to point out. We generated the enterprise's users and defined the users' goals and needs. We started to create the user journey and combine the business strategy, user experience, and opportunities to have more chances.
The target industry DocuPal is targeting: Financial services, Supply Chain, HR, Manufacturing, and Healthcare.
Creating a graphic demonstrates the process & problems with their pain points from clients, and starting to create ux strategy, opportunities combines the business plan.
How might we....
…create a digital transformation solution with a simple easy-to-understand UI and offering multiple exporting formats options that help enterprise clients give their digital transformation a work efficiency?
How might we
…create a cloud-based solution that offers simple user control with multiple languages and re-correct features that help global enterprise clients give them an easy digital transformation?
Design, Prototype, Interaction
Visual Design starts from the logo creation and creates the design system.
From the initial outlines of the user flows, I ideated various approaches to tackle each point of the user flow and work with the team. I began by sketching out ideas, then moved them into medium wireframe explorations and using medium wireframe to do user testing and receive findings from user testing and iteration designs for the final design.
From the initial outlines of the user flows, I ideated various approaches to tackle each point of the user flow. I began by sketching out ideas with the team, then moved them into wireframe explorations.
Moving to medium-fidelity wireframes and inviting previous POC clients to accomplish usability testing, get feedback, examine for findings, and check the heatmap.
Based on the findings, feedback, and user heatmap. Having a final discussion with the stakeholders.
Creating the final design and working with PM and engineer team.
Ship it! 🖥 DocuPal AI Solution for Enterprise
The final user interface and look we are satisfied with this. We delivered a delightful, Simplicity UI, and equitable for DocuPal AI final product.
⭐️ Outcome
DocuPal AI sales growths due to a better UI/UX design of software and helps improve customer experience and satisfaction. A delightful user experience with a simple user interface can ultimately help increase the number of businesses using the product. Also, the client converts to the subscriber are the best commitment for DocuPal AI.
Reaching the company's goals - product's goal, internal goal, external goal.
Clients - The large French supply chain company - FM Logistics.
@Acquired by Ripcord - April 2022.
How I lead the team and hosting clients testing from CRM
Due to the limitation of the budget and the engineers' constraints from the startup, people come and go. Facing the stresses and thinking positively, I can handle it.
It takes time to communicate and teach them about the product. Meanwhile, commutation with stakeholders and iterate from clients' wants and needs on designs and then create prototypes. Through these rapid processes, I gained a chance to practice communicating design decisions and generating feedback.

Clients relationship management is the easy way for me to having connection with our valuable clients. Even if they do not purchase Clients relationship management is an easy way for me to connect with our clients by using email, LinkedIn, etc. Even if clients do not buy(subscribe) our product, I always keep in touch with them. I collected some helpful clients and invited them to do usability testing, giving me valuable feedback for our final DocuPal AI design.
What I learned
It is a hard work and fun process from 0 to 1, and we build it, ship it, and have the clients. DocuPal AI is my first time leading the design, strategy, logic, and communicating with all team - CEO, CTO, COO, sales, engineers, PM, interns, current clients, and previous clients.
Equitable design is the key while building DocuPal AI. The user flows combine the logic, core technology, strategy, and even I know we have constraints, it can not limit the outcome. 
I have permission for the content above. If you are interested in communicating more about the project details, don't hesitate to contact me at
LearningPal is acquired by Ripcord - April 2022.  
Press Release: 
Businesswire, Yahoo Finance
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